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Welcome to Greenwater images. My website for sharing digital photo images taken during various dive trips.

My name is Rand McMeins, at present, a PADI Dive master. Certified to dive in September of 2001, I bought my first digital camera in 2002. An Olympus C4040z 4 MP digital camera. Housed in Light & Motion's Tetra housing with a single Sea & Sea YS90dx strobe.

This setup served me well and when the Olympus C5050 came out, in 2003, I upgraded the camera as well as purchasing another Tetra housing. I've added various macro and wide angle lenses and a dome port. The strobes are now Inon Z220's which are smaller but more powerful than the previous set. As of the Little Cayman Island trip in Sep. 2004, I've upgraded again and am now using a Nikon D70 with a Subal Housing. As of Spring of 2005 I've upgraded again. I'm now shooting with a Nikon D2X.

Living and diving in the Northwest has provided me with ample opportunity to practice and hopefully improve my underwater photography skills. Although I enjoy a nice dive in warm water whenever the opportunity presents itself, these cold, green waters of the Pacific present some of the most beautiful and weird creatures one could ever hope to capture on digital media!

Hope you enjoy the site. It's a work in progress and will probably never be "done".

Thanks for stopping by, if you have any questions, please, drop me an e-mail.


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